The Roaster

Roasting coffee can be done by anyone just like anyone can cook. But roasting coffees correctly, so as to optimize the wonderful aromas and flavors of a specific superb coffee at a specific time of year, is genuinely an art form. The difference is similar to the difference between a cook and a chef. Anyone can be a cook, but not anyone can be a chef. In like manner to skilled chefs, Art’s Coffee provides only the finest grade green beans from around the world, artisan roasting skills to produce perfectly roasted whole coffee beans, and a delivery system to get the freshly roasted coffee to you in minimum time after roasting, normally within 1 to 3 days. These then, are the critical factors that Art’s Coffee provides to the process of producing an unsurpassed cup of coffee.

Just as a skilled chef must insure that his raw materials are the very best, so do we locate and purchase only the finest, superior grade, single origin Arabica green beans that money can buy. We do not blend coffees. Blending is a patent acknowledgement of the presence of flaws, and thereby less than superior grade coffee, regardless of how it is promoted. Otherwise, why blend? Genuinely superior coffees have fabulous, wonderful aromas and flavors with minimal or no flaws. Therefore, not only is blending unnecessary, it would actually ruin the unique, wonderful traits of each coffee.

Once we have purchased these wonderful coffees, we do to green coffees what truly skilled chefs do to fresh, high quality, unprepared foods. We supply truly artisan skills in transforming the green bean to the perfectly roasted bean that you should expect. Art’s Coffee views roasting coffee not only as a well-honed skill and craft, but also as an art form. The unique colors, aromas, and roasting traits of each coffee must be second nature to the roaster. How to effectively use the roasting equipment to bring each coffee to the perfect roast is no less a mandate. It requires intimate knowledge of the traits of each coffee; how each coffee uniquely responds in the roaster; what is the distinct aroma and color of each coffee when it has reached the optimum point in roasting; and the application of precise mechanical skills in running the roasting equipment.

Here, it is appropriate to note that you purchase coffee to taste the coffee, not the roast. A proper roast will bring out the awesome aromas and flavors of the bean. An improper roast will cover up the aromas and flavors of the bean leaving nothing but roast to smell and taste. With Art’s Coffee, you will always taste the coffee, not the roast. It is what you are purchasing. It is what we provide. At Art’s Coffee, we always and only promote coffee, not roasts.

And, just like skilled chefs, we provide our finished product to you in minimum time after it is completed. In the same manner that elapsed time deteriorates the chef’s finished product, it also deteriorates wonderfully roasted, exceptional coffee. While green coffee may benefit from aging, roasted coffee does not. Freshly roasted coffee, preserved under ideal conditions, will maintain its full character up to two weeks.

The critical factors, then, that we supply to the process are locating and purchasing only the finest, superior grade, single origin Arabica green beans, artisan skill in roasting, and getting the roasted coffee to you, the consumer, in minimum time, normally within 1 to 3 days after roasting.

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