Americas, Central and South

All Central and South American coffees tend to be mild, rather light on the tongue, and either fruity or nutty in flavor. Their mild and light-on the-tongue traits make them prominent as morning coffee favorites. Like wines, they range from dry to sweet, depending upon each coffee.


The coffees of Africa and Arabia are medium bodied. The flavors can be earthy, spicy or exotic, in some cases very complex making description almost impossible. Like the Americans, they too, range from dry to sweet. It is worthy to note that Yemen Mocha Ismaili, a very spicy, exotic coffee with many complex overtones of flavor, is widely regarded as perhaps the finest coffee in the world.


Indonesian coffees are full bodied, very deep and rich in flavors, from elegant, to cocoa, to jungly, to musty. Those who like spicy or rich foods with vibrant flavors tend to favor the Indonesians. Those who, prior to Art’s Coffee, have tended to purchase deep roasted coffee, thereby tasting roast not coffee, tend to really like the Indonesians.


Decaffeinating coffee changes coffee, period. But the process need not render the coffee to be harsh or bitter or tasteless. However, such is the experience of most who drink decaf coffee. If it is properly decaffeinated, it will remain smooth, wonderful, and satisfying when properly roasted and brewed. Granted, the aromas and flavors will have changed compared to the caffeinated counter part, but if done properly it will remain smooth, wonderful and satisfying, with exquisite aromas and flavors.

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