The Grower

Growers who produce genuinely superior coffee do so by design and intent, not accident. Simply put, it is their stated purpose. All that they do in the production process is directed toward that objective. It includes many facets, each necessary to produce a superior green coffee bean, one with minimal or no flaws or defects.

Art’s Coffee purchases only those green beans produced by growers whose sole purpose and resulting product is the highest grade green coffee beans that money can buy. The highest grade green coffee bean is the critical factor that the grower provides to the process of creating an unsurpassed cup of coffee.

Among the components are the specie, Arabica, and the best specific variety for their circumstance; correct terrain, elevation and climate; suitable soil; supporting vegetation; and, meticulous cultivation, harvesting, and processing. Geographically, virtually all great coffee is grown in equatorial regions, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. The principal growing regions are The Americas (Central and South), Africa and Arabia, and Indonesia. The Americans are milder, tend toward fruity or nutty flavors and lighter bodies; the African and Arabians are earthy, with spicy, exotic or complex flavors, and medium bodies; and the Indonesians tend to be elegant or complex, with deep, robust flavors and rich, full bodies. There may be processing variations which influence the characteristics of the cup. Examples of processing variations are aging, semi-washing, and washing. These are the critical factors that a grower must contribute to the process so as to produce superior grade, single origin green Arabica coffee, one with exceptional aromas and flavors.

Coincidentally, because coffee is an agricultural product, what is an exceptional source of coffee one year may or may not be an exceptional source or coffee next year.

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