The critical factors to an exceptional cup of coffee

Great coffee has three contributing factors: the grower, the roaster, and the consumer. Each must ensure that their specific ‘critical factor’ is supplied to the process. When all the factors come together correctly wonderful and satisfying cup quality, a treat to be savored and enjoyed by you, is the result. Exceptional cup quality is smooth and satisfying with exquisite aromas and flavors, never harsh or bitter, or worst yet tasteless. Your part of the experience is not difficult. But, just like the grower and the roaster, it is critical.

Here are the critical factors to an exceptional cup:

The Grower

  • The green beans must be superior grade single origin Arabica – with exceptional aromas and flavors.

The Roaster

  • The coffee must be freshly roasted and in the consumer’s hands promptly.
  • The coffee must be roasted artisanally, specific to it’s unique character.

You, the Consumer

  • The coffee must be stored correctly.
  • The coffee must be ground correctly.
  • The coffee must be brewed correctly. (Not rocket science, as we will soon explore.)